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Acupuncture can be integrated with conventional treatment. Most insurance companies cover acupuncture when recommended by your vet but it is always best to check with your company first.

Meet Alfie another of Jane's acupuncture patients. Alfie has arthritis in many joints and is very stiff. His owner says that after his sessions there is a fantastic improvement, he gets a really good sleep and then is very perky.

Posted by AlbaVet on Friday, 16 October 2015

Molly the 15 year old cat is on this video receiving acupuncture from Jane Hunter. Molly comes every 2 months and her owner know when it is time for a session because Molly holds up her paw and has difficulty jumping up on to her owner’s lap. Her owner says the sessions really make a difference to Molly’s life.If you would like more information about how your pet could benefit from acupuncture please contact the surgery or look at Jane’s website:

Posted by AlbaVet on Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What is acupuncture used for?

Acupuncture has a similar effect on both animals and people (see Medical Treatment page) and can be very effective in pain control. The most common problem I treat is arthritis, with its resultant lameness and stiffness. It is always best to have a veterinary diagnosis which may involve further investigation with for example blood tests, radiography or scans. Joint and back pain can respond particularly well to acupuncture and a huge advantage can be avoiding the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.
Acupuncture can also be used to promote/preserve liver function; improve skin conditions including lick granulomas, and for chronic bronchitis, irritable bowel and many other conditions.
For more information on acupuncture for animals see: Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists

What does the treatment involve?

Most animals are amenable to having acupuncture – they may be sitting or lying down on the floor or table with the owner close beside them. Often the acupuncture has a relaxing effect and pets get used to the treatment and even seem to enjoy it! The needles are very fine and inserted to certain points which I choose depending on the condition and my anatomical knowledge. Usually the needles are painless but a momentary ‘ouch’ reaction can occur. Four sessions are usually planned weekly or fortnightly.

What are the results?

Owner observation is very important and during the consultation we will have identified specific problems that can be monitored. Along with clinical evaluation, changes in activities and behaviors are indicators of effectiveness including getting up and down, ability to run/jump, playfulness and interaction.

Some cases and benefits ~ past and present

jetVitality ~ Jet’s owner was surprised that as well as helping Jet’s mobility, acupuncture increased her vitality! She had regular top-ups every month and enjoyed regular hydrotherapy sessions. Jet’s owner said – “I hoped to help with her walking but did not expect to improve her vitality too!”


GRACIEHip dysplasia and liver function ~ Grace a 10 year old Springer Spaniel, had acupuncture every few weeks to help with the pain of hip dysplasia and arthritis and also latterly for liver dysfunction. Her owners say that acupuncture made a big difference to Grace’s quality of life and that she had to rely less on medication




Forelimb lameness ~ Nell’s chronic left fore lameness went away two days after her first acupuncture treatment! Her owner was amazed and came to me at Millhill Surgery for successful acupuncture and massage treatment for her own shoulder!


LEWISCoat quality and pain control ~ Lewis, one of my earliest acupuncture patients,  had a poor patchy coat because of the steroid content of his treatment for spondylosis of the spine. Acupuncture allowed his PLT tablets to be reduced from six tablets a day to one and his coat recovered within 2 months at the same time maintaining his mobility and pain control.

AlfieMobility ~ Alfie’s owners says acupuncture puts a spring in his step! “His mobility greatly improved when he lost 10 kgs but acupuncture has given him even more movement. We wouldn’t be without it now!”




Old and new techniques ~ Mac is 14 years old and began having acupuncture six years ago for his elbow arthritis and more recently laser acupuncture to vary his treatment. While acupuncture is an ancient art and helps his mobility he has also had cataract surgery with the latest technology at St.Clair Veterinary Group.



BrambleWell tolerated points for carpal arthritis ~ Bramble always gets quite sleepy with her acupuncture and never minds having her toe points treated for arthritis. She has regular top-ups for her back and elbows too.




MollyJumping and lameness ~ Molly is 15 years old now and came for a course of acupuncture because she sometimes limped on a front leg and had difficulty jumping up. She now just has acupuncture every 2 months which stops her limping and keeps her able to jump onto her owner’s lap! She is very relaxed about her treatment!


PeanutBack pain ~ Peanut’s owner says she doesn’t know what they would do without acupuncture. Acupuncture was recommended initially by Glasgow University Veterinary Hospital after Peanut was diagnosed with behavioural problems related to back pain. Being able to be treated in Dunfermline has been a huge help to her busy owners.


DelHip dysplasia ~ Del is likely to need hip replacement in the future but acupuncture is helping to keep him more mobile that his X-rays say he should be and he is running around fine! As he has a very sensitive stomach the other advantage is he is able to manage on less medication. (Del’s friend Danka comes along to the session too!)


OzBack pain ~ Oz’s owner says “his back was so sore and he was miserable despite trying a range of painkillers – we had run out of options. We thought he would be put to sleep. Acupuncture transformed his life – being able to run around and play and not need any medication.



Some more unusual effects of acupuncture!

PictureoscarReduction in wart size ~ Oscar benefitted from acupuncture for his hip dysplasia and arthritis but acupuncture also shrank an ulcerating growth on the side of his face! Using the ‘circling the dragon’ technique around the base of the growth is seen in the photograph.

KiskaLaser for mobility ~ Kiska is a complicated case and became very lethargic with acupuncture. After discussion with Glasgow University Veterinary Hospital I found that a mild dose of laser treatment worked best and has helped so much with her mobility and quality of life.